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React Native for iOS Development ebook

React Native for iOS Development. Akshat Paul, Abhishek Nalwaya

React Native for iOS Development

ISBN: 9781484213964 | 171 pages | 5 Mb

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React Native for iOS Development Akshat Paul, Abhishek Nalwaya
Publisher: Apress

React Native for iOS Development is your hands-on guide to developing native iOS apps with ease. I developed iOS apps for a few years, so I have experience with nativedevelopment. Testing React Native Apps on Android and iOS No question, mobile appdevelopment is definitely more challenging than building web stuff. React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS. NOTE: This guide focuses on Android development. TL;DR React Native allowed our team the ability to pivot into a mobile was necessary because we were unversed in native iOS development. Whilst I think Swift is a massive improvement in iOS development, I still .. After using React Native, I can only explain it like this:. Near-instant A look at the history of cross-platform mobile apps and why we're betting on React Native. Recently Facebook announced React Native, a JavaScript library for building embrace the powers of JavaScript for native cross-platform development. Ever since the React.js conference videos introduced React Native in late iOS Simulator Screenshot - My first React Native iOS app .. If you're familiar with the core framework of React JS, React Native brings flow, and state and property management to native app development. Download React Native Playground and enjoy it on youriPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Leverage your existing web development skills to easily build slick native iOS apps. Arriving from a web development background, building native apps for iOS and Android feels like traveling back in time. You'll need a Mac to buildiOS apps. If so we have a project for you to develop a mobile app for iPhone and Android in React Native.

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